Entry #3

Michael Jackson's Thriller Parody. Coming soon?

2013-11-04 21:28:53 by michael3841

Hey everyone. I know I'm a few days late to wish you guys a Happy Halloween, but......HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! In honor of my tardiness, I might as well give you guys a small update of whats going on at MetrooStudios. I'm in the works of making my second parody, since Kony in the House was such a big hit. I'm deciding to continue the "Miller Spoof" series, kick it up a notch, and bring it to Newgrounds! And what better way to do that than to create a mega-music video parody of Michael Jackson's Thriller?! Lol anyways, I'm in the works of this huge project and I hope to perfect it and release it by October 2014. Hopefully everything goes right. Wish me luck! Stay tuned guys, I have a whole bunch of other secret projets that I plan to get out before the end of 2013!!


Michael Jackson's Thriller Parody. Coming soon?


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2013-11-05 10:19:50

Looking forward to it! Happy Belated Halloween too!